Eslinger Biodiesel Inc. America's newest Bio-Refinery

Manufacturing the Lowest Emission Bio-fuel from Recycled Material for Government, Industrial and Public Use

Processing the Highest Quality Bio-Fuel and Refined Glycerin

Our Enzyme and Distillation Processes Set New Quality Standards for Bio-fuel Production

Dedicated to a Greener World

Eslinger Biodiesel Inc. is a dedicated provider of biomass based distilled biodiesel and technical grade glycerin produced from inedible waste oils, manufacturing renewable bio-fuel that exceeds ASTM standards and helps reduce diesel fuel emissions.

Our Biodiesel B-100-D is a clean burning, ultra-low carbon fuel produced from biomass such as algal oils, seed oils, animal fats and waste vegetable oil. The glycerin byproduct we produce is refined to >99.7% pure and can be utilized by California’s paints and plastics industries.


America’s newest Bio-Refinery will be commissioned in 2023

Eslinger Bio-Refinery construction progress


Tail Pipe Differences from Biodiesel Show a Significant Reduction in Carbon Intensity over Petroleum Diesel Fuel


Lowers Carbon Monoxide

  • Hydrocarbons Reduction 56.3%
  • Particulates Reduction 55.4%
  • Nitrogen Oxides (EBI biofuel is NOx neutral) 0%
  • Air Toxics Reduction 60 to 90%

Benefits of Using Eslinger Biodiesel

EBI is providing innovative solutions for the renewable-energy industry.

  • Contains no sulfur
  • Positive energy balance
  • Increased lubricity extends engine life
  • Better engine performance versus other alternative fuels
  • No engine modifications necessary to burn biodiesel
  • No specialized service or training needed for engines
  • Approved by major engine manufacturers
  • Creates Jobs
  • Boosts local economy
  • Improved air quality

What are the Uses?

“Transitioning to cleaner, low carbon fuels is a key component for California to achieve our greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, improve our air quality and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels,” said Commissioner Janea A. Scott of the California Energy Commission.

In the ever-increasing drive to cut carbon and lower CO2 emissions, forward-looking industries, fleets and individuals are using biodiesel blends as an easy and cost-effective way to reduce their carbon footprint in their existing diesel vehicle or fleet.

Uses include Light Rail Systems, Caltrans, School Buses Ferry Fleets, Power Plants, Municipal Transit Systems, National and State Parks, the Military and the vast California Agricultural Industry.

The Environmental Impact

The planned production level of Eslinger Biodiesel will have the effect of taking 23,000 cars off the road.

Solar power and renewable CNG powered utilities will reduce GHG even further. Our goal is to become the first carbon neutral bio-refinery in America.

Here’s How…

Future development projects at our “Bio-Fuel Center” in Fresno California include expanded biodiesel production next year and a Solid Phase Anaerobic Digester that will convert 100 tons per day of food waste into a clean renewable bio-gas. Green, Renewable  CNG produced on-site will be used in our process heating systems and in our transport vehicles to further reduce our carbon footprint to zero.