Welcome to Eslinger Biodiesel Inc.

Growth of An Industry

Eslinger Biodiesel Incorporated (EBI) is the newest Bio-fuel Refinery and Distribution Center in America. We are currently under construction in Fresno California and after commissioning this Fall, we will be manufacturing commercial quantities of high quality biodiesel and refined Glycerin for California consumers. Our project concept was developed and permitted over a 7-year period with partial funding from a competitive grant by the California Energy Commission. Eslinger Biodiesel Inc. is a privately held, start-up positioned in a 3.6 billion gallon per year diesel fuel market in the San Joaquin Valley of California. We use advanced bio-fuel process technologies and first and second generation feedstock to produce quality certified bio-fuel, refined glycerin, renewable bio-gas and organic fertilizers.    Biodiesel B-100 is a clean burning fuel produced from biomass such as algal oils, seed oils, animal fats and waste vegetable oil. The glycerin byproduct we produce will be refined to 99.7% pure and utilized by California’s paints and plastics industries. In a separate process, a Phased Solids Anaerobic Digester will produce compressed biogas from food waste for our own use and for municipal CNG vehicles in the Fresno area.