We appreciate your interest in biofuels and your visit to our website. Our Executive Summary is available to potential investors with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on file with us.

The new goals and mandates for alternative bio-fuels set by the EPA and approved by Congress, place this project in great position for success. On its own, the huge demand for bio-fuels is a major driving force behind the development of this business. Co-locating the business with a feedstock provider – and close to the largest biodiesel distributor in America, with direct access to major oil refiners make this a truly remarkable investment opportunity.

The determination and commitment of the businessmen who spent significant personal assets and several years developing this business plan, give this project a promising future.

The EBI management group retained notable industry professionals and consultants to provide input on feasibility, investment costs, and return on investment potential.

Please contact EBI directly for a plant tour and a personal introduction to our dynamic bio-fuel projects.
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4 primary differentiators of Eslinger Biodiesel:

Advanced Enzyme Process Technology

We are using an advanced enzyme process technology that can process multiple feedstock of any quality level.

Ultra-Low Carbon B-100-D

We distill off our finished products to the highest quality level possible called Ultra-Low Carbon B-100-D.

Competitive Pricing for Consumers

Close proximity to both our feedstock source and our fuel distribution center means lower freight costs and more competitive pricing for consumers.

Vertically Integrated Company

EBI is a vertically integrated company that includes feedstock collection, B-100 & glycerol purification as well as transport services for both feedstock and finished products.

  • Tail Pipe Differences with Biodiesel reduction in Carbon Intensity over diesel fuel 87%
  • Carbon Monoxide Reduction 43.2%
  • Hydrocarbons Reduction 56.3%
  • Particulates Reduction 55.4%
  • Nitrogen Oxides = 0 value (EBI biofuel is NOx neutral) 0%
  • Air Toxics Reduction 60 to 90%

Exciting Future Opportunities

Future development projects at our “Bio-Fuel Center” in Fresno California include expanded biodiesel production next year and a Solid Phase Anaerobic Digester that will convert 100 tons per day of food waste into a clean renewable bio-gas. Green CNG produced on-site will be used in our closed loop process heating system, in our CHP generator and in our renewable CNG powered transport vehicles to further reduce our own carbon footprint to zero.

To set up your NDA and arrange a conference call or a personal appointment:

Eslinger Biodiesel Inc.
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