Future Expansion

Plans for 2020 and beyond

Anaerobic Digester

In a separate process, a Phased Solids Anaerobic Digester will produce low carbon compressed biogas for use on site in the biodiesel process heaters and in company owned CNG powered vehicles. The byproducts of that process will be sold as high nitrogen fertilizers and compost for the vast Central Valley Agricultural industry.

The digester will process over 100 tons per day of waste food products provided by restaurants and major food processors in the Fresno area. A waste food collection service will be provided by our partner, Ameriguard Maintenance Services and by the City of Fresno. When fully operational, our anaerobic digester will produce approximately 650,000 gallons of diesel fuel equivalent biogas. By-products will include high-grade liquid and solid fertilizers and commercial quantities of compost for local agriculture.


Freight Forward, COGEN and Solar

A future phase of this project will establish a Freight Forward Division with the addition of 10 renewable CNG and biodiesel powered transport vehicles that will deliver our biofuel products to distribution centers for blending and directly to local customers.

Solar panels and a turbine biofuel powered COGEN system are also planned as a means to further reduce our own carbon footprint while supplying surplus power to the grid. An important objective of the Eslinger managing partners is to become the first bio-fuel refinery in America to have a net zero carbon footprint.