Fresno Market Report for Eslinger Bio-fuels

Eslinger Biofuels Center
Fresno Market Report
Our Weekly Market Report page will be available after commissioning in 2023

This report is updated weekly and can be used to estimate pricing for finished products and commodities purchased by EBI. Please call 559-500-6070 or email for todays pricing and freight forward quotes.

Westcoast Pricing for Biodiesel, Glycerin, Feedstock and Consumables

(B100)Dlvd/Gal, SME, CORN, FAME, Cloud <5C
B100 (w/RINs & LCFS) (HO+1.33 (@ 28 CI Score)
B99 (No RINs, No LCFS) (HO-88 Flat price)

GLYCERIN (fob plant)
<85% pure: (feedstock for refining)
>95% pure:
USP Tallow 99.7% pure:


CORN OIL Dlvd/lb, <15% FFA
YG, UCOPoultry Dlvd/lb, <15% FFA
BROWN GREASE, >16% to 100% FFA Dlvd/lb
SOY OIL, <2% FFA, Dlvd/lb Midwest/East


RINs, D4 2017: (x 1.5)
RINs, D4 2018: (x 1.5)

LCFS – Calif:
LCFS/Gal Value, Based on CI Score

Corn: CI = 28; value
YG: CI = 18; value
UCO: CI = 12; value

Oregon $99/metric ton

Note: The carbon intensity (CI) values are approximate for the feedstocks listed. The exact CI values will vary by feedstock inputs. The particular fuel pathway and CI score must be certified by California Air Resources Board under the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard program before LCFS credits can be claimed.


Methanol Calif., dlvd
Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium Methylate
Filtration DE
Sulfuric Acid
Oxidation Stabilizer
Citric Acid

Crude Oil
Heating Oil