How to Work With Us

Eslinger Biodiesel Inc. (EBI) is a biofuel, refinery selling ASTM quality distilled biodiesel and distilled technical grade glycerin to wholesale distributors, retailers and end users. We are located in Fresno County and can deliver anywhere in the State by rail or with our biodiesel and bio-gas powered transports.

To discuss your delivery logistics and to obtain an EBI Customer Credit Application to open a commercial account, we would first like to better understand your requirements and logistics. Our contact page is a quick way to open discussions with our bio-fuel sales team or our Used Waste Oil Collection group, Ameriguard Maintenance Services.

Fuel quality certificates are provided by a nationally respected third-party renewable energy consulting firm called Eco Engineers (

In addition to managing our ASTM quality control and all the necessary testing and reporting, EcoEngineers also manages all of the EBI detailed RFS, LCFS, CFP programs and energy credit transactions.

Please E-mail us to let us know if you would like to purchase ultra-low carbon biodiesel, technical grade glycerin, sell crude glycerin or would like to participate in our Waste Oil Collection program. We can provide more information about our product line, blending and biofuel delivery services, carbon credits and more.

Biodiesel Buyers:

Contact Information:

Biodiesel B-100-D Sales and Freight Forward Logistics:

For an appointment for a personal introduction and plant tour contact us at or call us directly at 559-500-6070.

Our Used Cooking Oil representatives are available to discuss your collection options for waste vegetable oils and other feedstock.

Please use our contact page or contact our feedstock buyer directly at 559-497-2925 for more information about our collection services.

For Glycerol Providers:

Our expanded Glycerin Distillation Division has the capacity to refine 7 to 10,000 gallons of crude glycerol per day to a level of 99.7% pure. Please email us or call our glycerol buyer directly  for more information.