About Eslinger Biodiesel

Eslinger Biodiesel Incorporated (EBI) is the newest Bio-fuel Refinery and Distribution Center in America. We are currently under construction in Fresno California and after commissioning, we will be manufacturing commercial quantities of high quality, ultra-pure distilled biodiesel and refined Glycerin for California consumers. Our business model was developed and permitted over a 7-year period with partial funding from a competitive grant by the California Energy Commission.

Eslinger Biodiesel Inc. is a privately held, start-up positioned in a 3.6 billion gallon per year diesel fuel market in the San Joaquin Valley of California. We use advanced bio-fuel process technologies and first and second generation feedstock to produce quality certified bio-fuel and refined glycerin.

The San Joaquin Valley Bioregion is the state’s top agricultural producing region, sometimes called “the nation’s salad bowl” for the great array of fruits and vegetables grown in its fertile soil. Biodiesel B-100 is a clean burning fuel produced from biomass such as algal oils, seed oils, animal fats and waste vegetable oil. The glycerin byproduct we produce will be refined to 99.7% pure and utilized by California’s paints and plastics industries. In future years and in a separate process, a Phased Solids Anaerobic Digester will produce compressed biogas on-site for our own use and for municipal CNG vehicles in Fresno. The byproducts of that process will be sold as high nitrogen fertilizers and compost for the vast west coast AG industry.

Our phased progression is to first build basic infrastructure and a 5 million gallon per year biodiesel processing plant. Phase 1 is now nearing completion and will be followed in Q-2-19 by a second 5mmgy process line in Phase 2. Glycerin refining operations are being established at the production level of 2.5 million gallons per year. Our technical grade glycerin production capacity will be doubled in Phase 2.


After a two-year construction period, biodiesel production will reach the full nameplate capacity of 10mmgy or 30,000 gallons per day.

Our general plan centers on establishing a biodiesel production facility that will produce 10 million gallons per year for blending on site and at a distribution terminal located 5 miles from the plant. By co-locating at a feedstock source, we are guaranteed to receive the raw feedstock product necessary for reaching our production goals. Feedstock will be processed to a B-100 product called Ultra Low Carbon B-100-D (distilled), and then shipped as B-5 (and above) to distant markets and to the Military by truck, rail and by pipeline.

About Ameriguard Maintenance Services (AMS):

Established by Michael Bessonov in 2003, the company’s business model centers around the collection of recyclable fats oil and grease (FOG) and expired food waste from restaurants and major food processors. As a managing partner with Eslinger Biodiesel Inc., Mr. Bessonov’s company diverts waste oils from local landfills and converts it into a usable feedstock for the biodiesel industry. The company grew from 8 heavy-duty transport vehicles to 24 trucks and 28 employees today. AMS trucks have a maximum capacity of 8,000 gallons each, transporting over 12MM gallons of WVO per year. The collection company now operates with over 1200 accounts in California, Nevada and Arizona.

In 2008 AMS began developing a pre-process system that up-grades the quality the recyclable products for use in the biodiesel refining process. The expanded pre-treatment facility now has an annual capacity of 10 million gallons. The advanced enzyme and distillation processes on-site at the Eslinger Biodiesel plant transforms multiple feedstock provided by AMS into the highest quality-certified biodiesel product on the market today.


AMS will soon be adding additional vehicles to transport crude glycerol – a byproduct from other biodiesel facilities – to the EBI plant for refining to a technical grade glycerin product for the plastics and paint industries. The capacity of the glycerin purification unit will reach 5 MM gallons when Phase 2 construction is completed. Pick up services are available. Feedstock for the biodiesel and glycerin refining processes can also be received at our transfer station by tote, truck or rail car.

In Phase 3, Ameriguard will assist in the collection of food waste for a Solid Phase Anaerobic Digester that will produce compressed natural biogas from 100 tons per day of food waste.

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