Refined Glycerin

Glycerol (in its crude form) is a major, and valuable by-product in the biodiesel manufacturing process. In general, for every 100 lbs. of biodiesel produced, approximately 10 lbs. of crude glycerol are created.

An important component of the Eslinger bio-refinery is our glycerin purification Unit (GPU). Our distillation column can up-grade our own byproducts and the increased capacity of up to 5 million gallons per year enables us to purify crude glycerol from other biodiesel plants. Our finished up-graded glycerin product is 99.7% pure and will be offered to numerous industries.

Purified glycerin is used as a component to produce polymers. For example, polyglycerol ester is used in biodegradable surfactants and lubricants; polyglycerol and polyglycerol methacrylates are used as wood treatments to improve its stability; and polyester polyols are used to produce polyurethanes, which are applied as coatings, foams, and sprays.

Technical grade glycerin can be used to preserve the freshness of tobacco products as well, and it has been used in alkyd resin production, which is an important element for surface coatings and printing inks.

In paper production, glycerin is used as a plasticizer and lubricant, and in the textile industry, it is used for lubricating, sizing, and softening yarn and fabric.

Crude glycerol can be delivered to our plant in steam heated intermodal tanks or in tank trucks that also have the ability to be steam heated for off-loading.

Finished, refined glycerin can be delivered to industry users in clean, stainless steel tanks dedicated to that product.