Who We Are

Eslinger Biodiesel Incorporated (EBI) is the newest Bio-fuel Refinery and Distribution Center in America. We are currently under construction in Fresno California and after commissioning, we will be manufacturing commercial quantities of high quality biodiesel and refined Glycerin for California consumers.

Biodiesel B-100 is a clean burning fuel produced from biomass such as algal oils, seed oils, animal fats and waste vegetable oil. The glycerin byproduct we produce will be refined to 99.7% pure and utilized by California’s paints and plastics industries.

We would like to thank the California Energy Commission for their support in the partial funding of our project.

What We’ll Do

  • Provide the service of recovering recyclable oils
  • Pre-process inedible oils into a usable feedstock for our enzyme based biodiesel process
  • Refine multiple Feedstock types into an ultra-low carbon biofuel
  • Distill our end products to reach highest quality level
  • Blend our finished product to our customer specifications
  • Incorporating a NOx neutral additive if requested
  • Refine and distill our glycerol byproduct into a usable commodity for heavy industry
  • Deliver biofuel and refined glycerin to local and distant markets

Future intro video and a virtual plant tour by managing partners